Game Review


Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix

This game has an interesting mixture of events that cause you to do what you are expected to do in Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix. The destinies of two kingdoms depend on you and your skills. There are also many puzzles and tasks for you to enjoy all the adventure. Your primary goal is to help a princess find her groom. The prince is missing because of the evil plot of an evil sorcerer.


House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster

Not too long ago the first game in the House of 1000 Doors series has been released, and it won out many gamers with everything it had to offer. Today we are looking at its sequel to see what it's worth. The cursed gem causes a lot of trouble and the one who ends up solving this problem is Kate Reed from the previous release.


City of Fools

As they say, while intelligent people think, stupid ones are breeding. However, even if you meet fools every day, it's not a reason to be sad. Just the opposite! Laugh at the silly characters as you complete absurd tasks in City of Fools, a hilarious Hidden Object Adventure game. The game was released to the April Fools Day and it does meet the mood of this cheerful holiday. The graphics style tunes you to this joyous mood from the main screen.


Shiver: Poltergeist

Shiver: Poltergeist Collector's Edition is a recently released hidden object puzzle adventure game with a not so unique story but still with very high production values. The game follows the footsteps of the Shiver series. Poltergeist is the challenge for you this time. The introduction to the game is very well done. You feel like a part of a movie.


Living Legends - Ice Rose

It is kind of a bit late for this time of the year to play a game where everything is frozen and cold. But whether it is spring or winter, it is always a good time for a hidden object puzzle adventure game with a mysterious story to reveal. This time it is Living Legends - Ice Rose. You play as a novelist who is looking for a great story for another novel.


Jigsaw Puzzles: The Greatest Artists

You want to steep in the world of art, but there is no time to visit Louvre, Hermitage and Prado museums? Okay, that's understandable. With a unique art puzzle, you are granted an opportunity to even touch the greatest masterpieces of Art on your device.


Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers

If you have been waiting for a dark and mysterious hidden object puzzle adventure game, Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers is right here for you. The game has a great story of love and courage and danger, that is wrappped into really beautiful graphics. The overall adventure part just flows forwards without making you go back and forth.


Mystery Trackers: Black Isle

The title of the game gives away emidiately what kind of a game that is. You really are going to be a part of the mysterious story on a dark creepy island. Mystery Trackers: Black Isle is a nicely put together hidden object adventure puzzle game that most of this genre fans will enjoy. You are sent to investigate the case of a missing journalist, who began to investigate the mystery behind Black Isle.


Amulet of Time: Shadow of la Rochelle

You are to play a beautiful game with adventure and love stories in France. For some strange reason, specific time period and place intensify the romantic stories that happen at there and then. Amulet of Time: Shadow of la Rochelle creates this atmosphere for the game to happen. You are going to be involved into the royal secrets helping the king and his mistress.


Ghost Towns: The Cats Of Ulthar

Cat people, this is your time! Okay, maybe that was a slight exaggeration, but the game does talk about cats. A lot. Or at least they play a special role in Ghost Towns: The Cats Of Ulthar. The story isn't happy, and the levels aren't easy in this hidden object puzzle adventure game. Maybe the game is more attractive for the dog lovers because cats kind of represent evil here.