Game Review


Green Moon

The much desired release of Absolutist has finally come out! Green Moon is calling for you to complete an amazing but fine mission and make the eternal dream of humanity come true.


Amazing Adventures The Caribbean Secret

The latest release of Amazing Secrets is of hidden object style. The new unbelievable adventure will take you to the heart and surroundings of Caribbean! This game will give you an opportunity to get into the jungle, under the ocean and other places without turning off the computer.


Avenue Flo

If you look at what category of games this review belongs to, you might get confused by what you see. That's because those who know Flo know that we are talking about time-management games. But not this time. PlayFirst has presented a new tricky feature to the well known Diner Dash series. Avenue Flo is actually a hidden object game with puzzles to solve.


The Treasures of Montezuma 2

The Treasures of Montezuma 2 is a continuation of a beloved by many people first part of the game Treasures of Montezuma, that was released in the last year. To some extend the new game can also be called its copy. As there are much things that repeat and are the same. But of course it is not the identical copy and there are some new features.


Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper

This hidden object game is based on the real story of a serial killer Jack the Ripper. He is considered to be the most cruel and merciless murderer ever. He is known to commit the most brutal crimes ever. People have been trying to uncover his personality since 1888 with no success. The game gives an opportunity to travel back in time and investigate the case by yourself.


Dream Sleuth

If a well-known chemist Mendeleev did not believe in his night dream with numbers and elements and told "Thanks God, it was just a nightmare!", who knows how long people would compile a periodic table! The same is with the main heroine of a puzzle game Dream Sleuth. It was her night dream, that told her about a little girl that went missing and nobody could find her.


Save Our Spirit

Save Our Spirit is one of the latest releases. The game offers a great deal of hidden object levels and all kinds of puzzles. The game also gets you on track of a love and mystery story.


Zuma's Revenge! - Adventure

It seems that nowadays one can hardly find a person who did not play or just hear the name of the most successful and best selled game Zuma! The continuation of the match three sequel is embodied into Zuma's Revenge.


Trapped The Abduction

When she woke up, she found herself locked. But where? She picked up a lighter and appeared to be at the back of a truck. Sure she was frightened to death. But her only desire at that time was to escape it.



Some things just make you feel good. Like a favourite pair of jeans or a cup of coffee. Gardenscapes is quite one of those. The graphics looks cute, the story opens a nice place for you in it, the levels feature attractive challenge.