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Tetris Game: The History

The Origin of Tetris: Pentomino

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It sounds astonishing, but tetris game had appeared long before computers were invented. The original tetris game was known as Pentomino. Its goal is to fill the given field without spaces with the help of various figures that consist of five (Latin "penta") square blocks. The figures used in Pentomino look like this:

Up to isomorphism (rotating and flipping), there are 12 possible shapes, which are illustrated above. Each piece is labelled by the letter that most accurately reflects its shape. The problem is to fit the 12 pentomino pieces into various shapes, often rectangles. The rectangle shapes that fit all 60 squares are of sizes 3x20, 4x15, 5x12, and 6x10.

Alexey Pazhitnov - the "Father" of Tetris

Several decades gone away, the first computers appeared. Once upon a time (in 1985) a Russian developer Alexey Pazhitnov wondered if it would be possible to make this addictive game even more captivating. He added a key element that made Tetris a mix of arcade and puzzle genre - time factor. The second Alexey's idea was to cut down the number of blocks that make a pentomino figure. This way "penta" turned to "tetri", and the figures became more simple:

These features made tetris game extremly popular. All Alexey's friends and co-workers have been playing the game. This wasn't a pleasant fact for the directors of the "Moscow Academy of Science's Computer Center", but there was no way back. The game has gained popularity all over the world.

Tetris Becomes a Best-selling Game All Over the World

In June 1985 the remarkable story of tetris game began while tetris was created by Pazhitnov and then ported to the IBM PC by Vadim Gerasimov. Then tetris game started to spread all over Moscow and then over the whole world. First it was brought to Hungary, where Hungarian programmers ported tetris to Apple II and Commodore 64.

The game was noticed in the world and several representatives of big publishing companies addressed tetris author to sell them the rights for the tetris game distribution. Alexey signs the contract with Mirrorsoft UK and Spectrum Holobyte, giving them the rights to computer versions of Tetris. After the first copies of Tetris for home computers were sold, the game immediately gained extreme popularity among people. It has become the best-selling computer game in England and USA in 1988.

Extreme popularity of tetris game caused a competitive activity of several publishing companies, wishing to obtain the rights to produce Tetris for console and handhelds. At first Tetris has been released for Famicom with two million of cartridges sold, then Nintendo sold several million copies for NES. At the same time Game Boy with Tetris packed in was sold throughout the world, adding more and more fans to the crowds keen on tetris game.

Countless efforts were made to change Tetris rules to improve gameplay. The most significant change was made when a number of squares, forming the figures, changed from 4 to 5. In order to make the game more simple the game was completed with figures consisting of 1,2,3,4 blocks. So, tetris returned to its origin, and got a new name: pentix.

Absolutist's TetriBox

In 2000 one more remarkable change took place. As a result a new tetris style game appeared. Absolutist company has released a new version of tetris game download. In this game the falling shapes are not the squares, but the triangles and hexagons. This significantly changed the shapes:

This changed not only the appearance, but the game itself. The game became more complex, demanding the new game strategy from the player.

Absolutist.com has developed a game named after Pentomino - TetriBox. Actually, it consists of 18 great games with excellent music, graphics and gameplay:

Except the classic tetris games here you'll find pentix, tetris on the trianlgle and hexagon frame, and the original Pentomino. You may download the game for free. Try, play and enjoy!

 Tetris Game Pack
 Learn to Play Tetris
 Download Tetris Game

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