Free Christmas Games Online

Free Christmas Games Online Free Christmas Games Online

Christmas games and movies are known to help create festive mood, especiallly when you can combine them. Turn on your favourite comedy, grab your mobile device and play free HTML5 games online. Something easy, like jigsaw puzzles, Mahjong solitaire or Match 3 games suit the purpose perfectly. And here are a few puzzles and brainteasers picked by our editorial team to help you feel the Christmas spirit. 

Jewel Shuffle Cozy Night is a relaxing Match 3 game featuring an enchanting soundtrack. The gameplay somewhat resembles the hit puzzle Microsoft Jewel, however it is not that challenging. With the cozy fireplace and a sleeping dog in the background, it just engages you curl up in an  armchair and dive into this addicting Match 3 gameplay.

Cookie Crush Christmas 2 and Dog Puzzle Story 3 are more Match 3 games set in the Christmas wonderland. Complete level goals before you run out of moves, earn bonuses and power-ups, complete daily missions and discover treasure chests along the way.

Mahjongg Candy Cane is a classic Mahjong solitaire, with tiles featuring sweets, toys and Christmas ornaments. If you aim to reach higher score, then take notice of the scoring system, with all the bonuses and score multipliers. Holiday Mahjong Dimensions offers more challenge to the fans of free tile-matching games. It's also timed, with the objective to complete as many 3D mahjong puzzles as possible before the timer is up.

Krismas Mahjong 2 is another brainteaser which you should try, if you enjoy pair-matching games. It has two game modes: tile connect and the classic Mahjong solitaire. What is special about this brainteaser, is has daily challenges in o form of an advent calendar. And every puzzle solved brings you a fortune cookie, revealing what the new year has in store for you.

Patchworkz! Xmas! is one of those free jigsaw puzzles online which you can replay evry year. With dozens of patchwork puzzles to make, this brainteaser will fill you with Christmas cheer.

If you are ready for a longer commitment, then take advantage of the festive events in the strategy and farming games, such as Goodgame Big Farm or Knights and Brides. Acquire unique decorations and earn spacial bonuses to help you progress quicker  in these free browser games online.

So, ensure an entartaining pastime with a steaming cup and free casual games for your PC or mobile device to play online no download!

by Anna