Secret Europe

Do you feel like travelling but still hesitate about the destination? Or do you suffer from the lack of time or money? Take your time and play Secret Europe: Hidden objects. This family-friendly adventure game is your fun travel guide around Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy and German-speaking countries. Search for hidden objects, collect souvenirs and learn about most popular tourist attractions, as well as places known only to avid tourists.

Unlike other finding games, Secret Europe has no background mystery to uncover. Neither it features gloom, crimes, ghosts or other thrilling stories. Instead with each task completed you will learn more about national cuisine, traditions and remarkable representatives of different European countries, as well as landmarks and events worth seeing when you actually have time to travel.

Game features: - Colorful hidden object scenes
- Learn fun facts about European countries
- Enjoy jigsaw and word puzzles
- Play casual slots to earn extra coins and powerups
- Learn about restaurants, hotels and sights worth attending