Don't Waste Your Money on Gambling - Play Breakout Casino

April 16, 2002

New game released by - Breakout Casino

Find the most hostile casino at

  • a possibility to choose levels to your liking
  • 100 levels available
  • three skill levels to everyone's taste
Try to beat a casino and fill the list of the best results with your own achievements. You play with flashy tips that fill the gambling table at the beginning of each level. Try to win the chips and to obtain bonuses. If you don't want to risk this time, then relax watching demo mode that will surely bring you much pleasure. Playing this game creates the atmosphere of a real casino. It's not only amusing and entertaining pastime, it also saves your cash leaving you a wonderful feeling of excitement. You won't disgrace your family spending your money at Breakout casino. Supplementary services are free for the clients:
  • runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • technical support by e-mail
  • participating in the World Championship
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