Dog Rescue - Action game to make dog lovers feel special


Action game to make dog lovers feel special

August 21, 2006 - today announced the final release of its newest casual game "Dog Rescue". The game is an action platformer and it was inspired by Super Mario game series.

There's been a number of platformer games in the casual games space starting with Brave Dwarves series, Flying Doughman and the most recent addition of Granny in Paradise. All of them were very successful and Absolutist team was getting customers' feedback asking to create a colorful platformer game so that not only the grandkids and kids could play, but also their parents and grandparents. That's how the Dog Rescue started.

Dog Rescue is a wonderful adventure game for the whole family. The task of the player is to save the poor female poodles that were stolen and hold captive by mean dog enemies. Brave Doggy has to rescue all the ladies in mountains, deserts and Mexican fields before he returns to his rancho to wait for the new adventures.

Each level will have increasing difficulty and more poodles to save. The goal is to manage to rescue all doggies while escaping the mean enemies and doing everything within the time given to pass each level.

Unique features of Dog Rescue include:

  • 60 unique game levels;
  • 3 themes with unique enemies;
  • Decipher puzzles that vary in grid sizes from 6x8 to 12x12;
  • Play at your own skill level via three difficulty settings

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