Absolutist announced the release of new game Jewelix.

Jewelix – the gem of your game collection!

New game Jewelix published by Absolutist comes into the casual games world!

June 04, 2008 – the release of a new game Jewelix - an addicting mix of arcade style and shop simulator games.

At the 4th International Computer Game Festival Jewelix has received the award in the nomination "Best Casual Game".

While the basic principles of game play are inspired by such hit games as Zuma and Luxor, Jewelix has some awesome features:

  • an addicting mix of arcade style and shop simulator games
  • about 15 upgrades to improve your shop
  • more than 100 jewelry pieces to produce and sell
  • several rows of gems to remove
  • the possibility in some levels to aim over the nearest rows
  • several spots to place your gem slinger
  • attractive characters with different tastes
  • more than 90 addictive levels
  • 3 difficulty modes
  • a variety of power-ups and bonuses

Uncle Pierre has left you some heritage and you are the owner of a jewelry store now! Try your hand at creating fine jewelry while playing over 90 addictive levels and master the art of selling it to diverse types of customers. Make your jewelry store the most prestige and preferred by customers!

Jewelix game play can be divided into two parts - producing the jewelry and selling it, each with its characteristics and advantages.

In the first part you will produce beautiful jewelry out of a large variety of gems, from amber to diamonds, by playing more than 90 marble popping levels. On each level you have several rows of gems to remove by shooting at them with a gem of the same color. Your task is to collect a necessary number of gems to create a piece or set of jewelry for the corresponding level. What distinguishes the game from other marble poppers is the possibility in some levels to aim over the nearest rows to reach the farthest ones. Besides, some levels offer two spots to place your gem slinger, among which you can choose depending on the shot convenience. The difficulty of such levels grows as you progress in the game, and the jewelry you produce also becomes more elaborate and expensive.

The second part of Jewelix is not less important and captivating. You should sell the jewelry you have produced to a variety of customers who are actually all attractive characters with different tastes. Your strategic thinking and communication skills will help you to satisfy their demands. When you earn some money the best way to spend it is to upgrade your store. You have a wonderful chance to make it shining and state-of-the-art if you work effectively enough.

Striking visuals complemented with relaxing sounds will maximize the pleasure of playing the game.

You will be able to dip into the glamour world of the enigmatic precious and semiprecious stones. This atmosphere of perfection and beauty will excite you. You will have a great opportunity to run your own jewelry shop creating wonderful jewelry and selling it to demanding customers. Test your selling abilities and satisfy all the customers’ tastes! Make wonders with your shop, turn the shabby jeweler’s into the most popular and luxurious one!

You are welcome to the world of beautiful jewelry, picky customers and commercial success where everything depends on your sharp eye, strategic thinking and communication skills.

A gem setting is unforgettable and impressing! You will feel yourself the master of jewelry creation!

Jewelix is a perfect choice for both arcade lovers and those who wish to test their selling abilities and strategic thinking - a magnificent blend of genres for everyone!

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