Water... Aqua... Bubble... Aquabble!

Absolutist.com announced a release of 3D game Aquabble Avalanche

February 15, 2005 - Absolutist released a new outstanding 3D project Aquabble Avalanche based on the famous Bubbles game.

Being a mix of two popular genres, Aquabble Avalanche in Quick (Arcade) and Quiet (no time limit) game modes has everything to have a chance of becoming the next to bestseller Bubble Shooter. The game can boast challenging gameplay, advanced 3D graphics, beautiful special effects and more.

The goal of Aquabble Avalanche is to complete it level by level by removing all aquabbles from the pond. It is done by gradually removing the colors. In the process, one bonus or a feature is added on every level in order to keep the player amused by exploring something new after each success. Time bombs, piggy banks, submarines and other bonuses will bring the players a lot of surprises and will challenge them at the most critical moments of the fight with aquabbles. The player will also be given obstacles, more lines of aquabbles, more colors on the field, more speed...more aquabble pleasure!

The registered version has more benefits:

  • unlimited gameplay;
  • no nags;
  • autosave enabled;
  • more levels;
  • more fun!

Reviewers and all interested press people are welcome to contact us for further details.

Email: contact at absolutist.com (ATTN: PR_AVAL)
Phone: +38 056 770 1473
Mon - Fri   9AM - 6PM  GMT+2
Visit the page of the game: Aquabble Avalanche

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