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cadenza_the_kiss_of_deathThe second game from Mad Head's Cadenza series is hear and it is larger than life!

Cadenza: The Kiss of Death Collector's Edition takes players on another exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure that is sure to keep them puzzling for hours on end of repeatable game play.

Set in the jazzy mood of a Great Gatsbyesque city, players will have the opportunity to escape into a fantastic world of mystery and mayhem to get to the bottom of a great puzzle.

You play the role of a woman who is about to marry Anthony, the love of her life. Things are super happy and the wedding is just around the corner... when catastrophe strikes!

cadenza_the_kiss_of_deathApparently, Anthony is wrapped up in some dirty business and has to “take care” of someone. What does that mean? Suddenly Anthony is arrested.

There has been a murder by “The Black Widow” who leaves black lipstick on her victims, hence, ‘The Kiss of Death.'

Confusing, right? Well, you bet it is! But, it all unravels as you play along, so get with it.

The Collector's Edition includes downloadable soundtracks, which are really good in this game.

If you're a fan of smooth jazz, then this Collector's Edition is definitely for you. It's good music to have on your computer for playing when you're at home.

There are also downloadable wallpapers and a strategy guide to help you out along the way. The minigames are fun and entertaining.

You can play them again and again in the Collector's Edition. Thumbs up!

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