Play an addicting game Cassandra's Journey 2!

Most people would agree that the end of the world really is going to come. They just differ in causes of it. Cassandra's Journey 2: The Fifth Sun of Nostradamus developed and published by JoyBits Ltd offers you its variant of what might cause it and how it can be prevented.

Cassandra is a practicing psychic investigator with Nostradamus as a psychic guide. She is asked to solve a missing person's case. As you proceed you find out what caused his disappearance, and that was an ancient evil spirit from South America that's attempting to bring about the end of the world.

The game impesses with the effort put into every detail of the game. It becomes very obvious after a few levels and makes playing really exciting.

Every level challenges you with something new in your hidden object journey. The items to find are given as a list of items names, which makes it more challenging to find them.

But there are hints available for you depending on how much help you need.

Cassandra's Journey 2 uses a system where a meter slowly charges with energy. You can choose to spend your hint meter's energy on different types of hints, depending on how much help you want.

The weakest hint will only indicate what quadrant of the level a target object hides in, while the strongest simply tells you where a given object hides. There are five types of hints in all. The game does have a few problems like not very clear graphics sometimes and average mini-games, but the overall impression is great.

The story ends quite abruptly which hints on another sequel.