Play an addicting game Farm Frenzy 3!

Have you been missing another Farm Frenzy sequel? Here it is in an all-new installment, and it even doesn't need a special advertisement as it becomes extremely hard to find a game which would be more popular than Farm Frenzy series. Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age is the third delirious game under the name of "Farm Frenzy 3" to be released by Alawar in recent time, and it definitely provides you with much of what you'd expect from the series.

This time around, Scarlett and you decide to change your lives in warm countries and travel to the North Pole to see if an Arctic farm could be a good investment. This farm supposes you to scatter fish instead of grass to keep your animals well-fed. Beware of polar bears as they are in no way less dangerous as their congeners from the farms we got accustomed to. You'll get to know how to produce ice cream, sewing fancy clothes and make presents of ivory. Moreover, you are to breed miscellaneous artic animals in addition to penguins and arrange a profitable enterprise there.

First of all, you have an option to play in two modes: Career is the one you are to start with, and after you've completed 45 levels in it, there is Endless mode available.

Be sure, this game keeps all your favourite features (merely main heroes wear warmer furs) as well as some even wilder ones. For example, what would you think of keeping 50 penguins simultaneously? Crazy, isn't it?

Each level has one to four goals that you have to reach. You earn stars for each completed level, with bonuses if you complete the level within a given time. Sometimes the time limit for the bonus can be very tight; some levels are Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age free game download and reviewfrustrating because, having done everything perfectly, you can still miss the bonus by just a second or two. The stars you earn can be used to buy upgrades at the shop.

These upgrades take the form of new buildings that you'll need for the level ahead, or an improved version of a building you already own that's able to process more products at once. There are also trophies you can earn for achieving specific goals, such as selling 100 bears or collecting 300 products.

The graphics have undergone a complete overhaul to satisfy even the most hard-to-please gamer. Believe me, you'll feel nothing but pure pleasure when observing the 3D Arctic-themed game scenery.

Surely, Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age wins your heart immediately! So, will you check right now to what extent an Arctic farm is really worth investment?