Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Game Review

Mystery Case Files is a classic hidden object puzzle adventure hit. If you know it, you are probably surprised about why the new game was released not for Thanksgiving, but so much sooner. Well, nobody knows the answer to this question. But if you ask if Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition is any good, the answer is a definite yes!

Mystery Case Files: The Black

In this new release, you are going to play as Alison Sterling (whom you might know from the other games of the series). You are called in to Dreadmond because of a strange virus that kills people left and right. These people die in a very particular way – the aging process is accelerated like crazy. A number of the town’s population is now dead. Many more are getting sick. You are not immune to the virus yourself, so you need to hurry to be able to find the source of the virus and a way to stop it.

As you travel to Scotland to uncover the mysterious virus that makes everyone who is exposed to it quickly die of old age, you are going to enjoy the indoor and outdoor scenes. This developer is known for a great quality of their graphics and this game is no exception. Most of the scenes are quite dark, of course, as they should be for the story sake.

The game offers four modes of difficulty including a customizable one and a time setting for the hints and skips. There is a bonus chapter where you play as a young Richard Galloway (who is the central figure in the main story).

Mystery Case Files: The Black

As for the gameplay, it is challenging and rich. It is a good choice for those who look for something a bit innovating and different. EIPIX has done a great job with the hidden object scenes and the puzzles. Someone has put in a lot of work to make you work hard on solving those. Both are up for replay.

There is a strategy guide and a map for you to follow as you need. Collectibles are 49 jigsaw puzzle pieces. Don’t forget about the morphing objects in the scenes. There are about 20 achievements and a whole lot of downloadable media extras: concept art, wallpaper, music, and videos.

Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition is a wonderful HOPA game both for the long time genre fans and for those new to these games.

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