Royal Envoy 3 - Casual games reviews.

royal_envoy_3This is the time when you as a king get some really good news set on a new breathtaking fourney to a new land.

This adventure contains a lot of surprises, hardships and new experiences.

There's a lot to entertain yourself with since is it Collector's Edition.

Royal Envoy 3 is a great time-management game with a discovery element.

You hear that there's another island found and it is full of fish, pearls and pirates' treasures.

royal_envoy_3The locals agree to let you come and help them civilize the area in exchange for the houses for then since they forgot how to build them.

The new territory looks great as you explore it.

The colors make fun to stay over here.

The music is adventures and exciting.

The short movie in the beginning is great too.

Since it is a collector's edition, you are going to have a lot of achievements and a wlkthrough, tracks and wallpaper, bonus levels.

royal_envoy_3Your routine is going to be building new villages which reaquires taking care of the buildings and your workers.

You are informed about every task set before you.

You can stop and strategize before you start the clock. The houses that you build give you rent.

The more you upgrade them the more rent you get.

This game is one of the best in the genre.

If you are a fan of strategy time management games, you shouldn't miss this series.

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