Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light - escape from dangerous island and be reunited with your beloved!

Most of the greatest love stories are so loved by many mainly because there was some obsticle that the two went through.

Some of the stories are considered to be great even when a problem has ruined the perfect relationship. The end of the romantic relationship in Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light is totally up to you.

The game is presented with absolutely gorgeous marine-themed concept art.

In Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light, you are introduced to Jane and Mark, a couple that was separated by a severe storm. Their yacht has crushed leaving two of them on a mysterious island.

The problem is that they are separated. You playing as Jane now have to find Mark before it is too late and find out what happened.

The island you are going to spend next few hours is almost deserted.

No grass or trees are growing here, nothing pleasing the eye.

You cant found wellsprings or rivers with shining transparent water, no waterfalls for you, no.

Sea around the island neither calm nor beautiful, it looks dangerous.

If you reach the end of the story and it is still not enough for you, there is a bonus gameplay for you. The game is presented with absolutely gorgeous marine-themed concept art.

The hidden object levels are clattered with items, but they all belong to a place and time.

The game features different puzzles to solve when you are not searching for hidden items or invemtory.

They are fun to play for a change. All of that is happening with the interactive adventure as a background.

You do walk around a lot in search of the inventory that helps you to proceed.

Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light is for you if you are up to some puzzles in the beautiful story with beautiful graphics.

This game is perfect exemplar of casual games - easy to start, interesting to play, impossible to discontinue until the end.

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