Play an unbelievable puzzle game 1912 Titanic Mystery!

The biggest and most powerful ship ever is back. To the 100th anniversary of Titanic's tragic sinkage they have created its twin – Titanic II. The ship is going to repeat the same route across the Atlantic Ocean. But this time it should be completed. No victims, no accidents and no misfortunes... But there is a belief that one should not give another ship the name of an ill-fated one. Thus what should we expect from Titanic II? Whether it will manage to come to its destination point without excess?

But when you get on board and investigate your cabin with a happy smile on your face, you suddenly find a diary and a letter: "This's to let you know that I have challenge for you. You have find a Diary... good! As you can see, there's a number of pages missing. Find those pages and you will find more about the bomb I've placed on board and possibly save the ship. Don't tell anybody about it! I will be watching you..."

Oh, no! A bomb? Not this time... It seems that Titanic's fortune is ready to come back. Don't let it repeat and do your best in order to rescue the ship! For this you should first of all investigate all possible cabins and locations. The betrayer said that the missing pages are somewhere here. So, find them! Look for them in every accessible place: in cabins, wireless room, on the deck and so on. Maybe with the pages, you will discover a clue. Oh, there are also 6 persons from a crew. Among them are: captain Miller, doctor Elsa Young, trumpet player Cole Nesmith, waiter Isaac and steward Andrew. You should check them all! One of them seems to be a betrayer. As only the crew knows everything about the ship and its facilities. Be careful! Don't give them a chance to detect that you are watching them.

In every location you will have to do the following tasks: first of all, there are 10 objects of the same category. For example, 10 telephones or 10 suitcases and so on. Then you should find some hidden items. They are various. In this case there is a special item, which is broken and scattered about the room. Find its pieces, put them together and get a clue to the puzzle. Puzzles are like reassembling a picture from pieces, deciphering a word using Morse alphabet and many others.

By the way, don't forget to take a look at Bonus option in the game menu. Because there are a lot of pictures which you can set as a wallpaper. There are approximately 30. At the beginning all of them are locked. But after completing a level, you can unlock a wallpaper. It seems to me, the first is the most beautiful one as it is Titanic on it. Others are also good. But they represent a level picture.

While playing, you will be ble to discover some interesting facts from the history of the Titanic. Did you know, for example, that at that time a ticket cost $4.700, this equals $50 000 nowadays, doesn't it? You will find out much more interesting facts and get a lot of impressions from the game 1912 Titanic Mystery!