Wild Tribe

The family of addictive strategy and simulation games has been enlarged with a new and exciting title - Wild Tribe. Being quite simple and very cute, it's suitable for kids, but i'm more than sure that adult players addicted to real-time strategies will also enjoy the game greatly.

Never heard of Wobblies? It's time to learn about them!

Wobblies are cute little furry creatures who are used to leading a peaceful and carefree life. Every day they bathe in the sea, play games and eat nuts... Until strange things start happening, and nothing is that easy any more. Water in the sea begins to rise, food storage is almost empty, and wicked hyenas attack their island more and more often. Liitle Wobblies start to understand that they need to alternate their relaxation with some hard work if they want to survive, as the world is not as favorable for them as it used to be. Here you come into the game. Your mission is to lead their new life wisely, building your strategy so that everyone could live and the whole tribe could prosper.

So, at the beginning you have four funny creatures that can do some work and reproduce themselves. First of all you should make more of them, in order to get a more numerous tribe and be able to assign them for some work. Don't be afraid that you won't get what to do - the tutorial is full and clear, so you won't be lost.

After you have enough potential workers, lead them to some tasks that need to be accomplished. Your tribe will need food, water, protection and medicine, and different types of creatures are responsible for the missions. As your Wobblies work, they will start evolving into five different animals - zebras cure, gorillas build, elephants bring water, giraffes gather food and lions protect your tribe from hyenas. The best strategy is to balance all the species in order to keep things running smoothly and keep a couple of Wobblies to reproduce. In this case, if someone dies, you can always develop a new worker. But if there are no Wobblies left, you can at any moment put one of your animals to the Devolution Pool in order to bring it back to the first stage.

As you play, you'll get access to more elaborate buildings and tools, like the Hospital and Food Bin or hammer and tomahawk. All of them will be needed to proceed and provide for your tribe survival.

Tip: when you build an idol, the corresponding animals start developing faster. Think wise when choosing which to do first.

One of the greatest features in Wild Tribe is that the game continues in real time even if you turn off your computer. So your main task is to make everything balanced so that your tribe wouldn't die of hunger, thirst, diseases or old age while you stay away from the game. But if you don't wish to take the risks, there is always the Pause option - it's up to you to decide!

The great colorful graphics, funny sounds and addictive yet not too complicated game play make the game a must-try for all simulation fans!