Winemaker Extraordinaire - Be Where Your Heart Belongs!

If you are a casual player and enjoy time-management and strategy games, you must have already run a farm, created a chocolate empire and even achieved huge success in real estate business. This time game developers offer you to try your skills in the most exquisite industry ever - wine making.

The heroine of this game was definitely unhappy with how her life was going, she didn't like her work, and after her beloved Grandfather's funeral she was absolutely desperate. But one letter changed her whole life. A letter from her Grandfather telling that the winery in Italy, where they used to spend the best time of their lives, is hers now. now she is a member of the Guild of Extraordinary Winemakers, and her mission is to collect all the 15 pieces of the recipe of Vino Ultimae - the best wine known in history. But in order to get it she'll have to prove she is worth the trust of the most skilled winemakers in the world and master the art of creating the noble beverage thoroughly.

The game play consists of several parts all of which constitute the whole process of wine-making. The game frame is a strategy where you have to travel to different places first in Italy and then all over the world to meet the members of the Guild, obtain orders and recipes from them, buy supplies and sell your goods. This part strongly reminds the Chocolatier series, though here you deal with wine and grapes.

For each type of wine you'll need to get grape seeds of different sorts in the necessary proportions, bottles and labels of the necessary shapes. But having the materials is not all. Once you have everything you'll start the wine-making process, and that consists of three stages. First, you'll need to plant the grapes and grow them. Here comes the time-management part, where you attend to your vines, making sure all their needs are satisfied in time.

After growing your grapes you'll need to select them and make them free of residue and leaves. This is done via a chaining game where you have to remove enough residue in time to earn some stars for your wine. And the last stages is pressing the wine itself in a mini-game where you are to mix the grapes in the right proportions in order to set the production rate for your winery.

All the types of game play used here make Winemaker Extraordinaire quite diverse, and if you don't like any, you can hire a professional to do your work for you. That's great, isn't it? On the whole the game has nice and original graphics, and is a good choice for those looking for some diversity.