MicroBlots MicroBlots
Meet the funniest creatures- pretty MicroBlots. They are very friendly, always smile to you or put tongue out or even kiss you. These little creatures are fond of painting castles. And they welcome you to help them and have fun together. Your task is to match 3 or more blots of the same color in the line: vertically or horizontally. To do this, click on the blot you want to move and draw it to the the other blots of the same color. Some of the blots are hiding in bubbles and to remove them you need to burst the bubbles they are hiding in. To finish level you need to burst all bubbles on the playing field. With many hilarious effects and bonuses, it's really fun to play!There are two modes in the game: play against the clock in Arcade mode or just relax in Classic mode.Your results are stored separately for each skill level and game mode. You can always publish the best score on the Net from the Top10 window. Make sure your Internet connection is up when you hit Publish. Have fun with 70 levels of addictive gameplay.Enjoy excellent graphics and sound of the game. Features:* Built-in tutorial* 70 levels of addicted gameplay* Arcade and Classic game modes* Fun for all family. Free e-mail technical support for full version.