Game Review


Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony

One of the places you constantly end up in as a hidden object puzzle adventure gamer is a strange spooky island with strange inhabitants. That's the case in Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony Collector’s Edition. Once again you have to find your way out of the island. And just like it is often in real life the way out is through. As you try to get out of the island full of lost souls you meet one of them, who tells you that you will only be able to get out back home if you help three of the lost souls.


Surface: The Noise She Couldn't Make

Here's another release in teh Surface series. Those who played the previous games are anticipating a highly polished and catchy hidden object puzzle adventure game. And they are right. Surface: The Noise She Couldn't Make tells you another great mysterious story where your psychic abilities are the last hope.


Bon Voyage: Hidden Object

Vocation is a long-dreamed time when you forget about the daily routine, eat and sleep to your heart's content and travel to most unimaginable places. Start packing your suitcase or just download Bon Voyage: Hidden Object to get pleasant pastime, amazing photos and souvenirs. The objective of this mobile game is to let you witness the most interesting festivals around the world.


Eternal Journey: New Atlantis

Sci-Fi theme fans, this new release is going to please to the depth of your being. And not only them will be attracted and amazed. Eternal Journey: New Atlantis features absolutely beautiful graphics and entertaining puzzles. The game really stands out among other games of the hidden object puzzle adventure genre.


Grim Tales: The Wishes

Grim Tales: The Wishes Collector's Edition is another great Grim Tales games. The game's story is interesting and the general atmosphere is immersive. You will have to save a boy and solv many puzzles and enjoy the beautiful graphics and really nice voice over. Your sister's son is fading away like a flower. He ages right before her eyes. Something strange is happening to him, and you are the only hope for her.


Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession

Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession is for all those who love investogation and mystery that keep you intrigued till the end of the game. You are to uncover some facts about a family in Italy and find out who is responsible for murders. A maid of a wealthy family in Italy has found a diary that describes the murders of three different women.


Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart

Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart is going to please both hidden object puzzle adventure genre fans and dog people. The game is very well done to entertain the people who are well familiar with this genre both with its puzzles and story. You are a dog person if you live in Houndspoint. Dogs are part of the life for these people in a snowy mountain town.


Scramble Words Free Puzzle

Absolutist published a free social word-forming application for all crossword fans. Scramble Words Free Puzzle will revolutionize classic crossword solving. This version of the new game provides an easy-to-use level editor, where any player can create his own crosswords and send them over to friends. Players can also receive word puzzles from all the players around the world.


Haunted Hotel Charles Dexter Ward

Haunted Hotel Charles Dexter Ward is a new release for this week. The game falls into the genre of hidden object puzzle adventures. The story of the game is just like many that you have seen before, but it doesn't necessarily mean the game is not worth it. As I said there is nothing new in the story for those who have been into the genre for a while. You are tryign to find your missing brother.


Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain

Here's another hidden object puzzle adventure game with yet another rescue your friend from the evil forces story. Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain features some really nice challenges and audio-visuals. At the first glance at Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain, it didn't seem like a hit game for me. The graphics are not that impressive and the story isn't that new.