Game Review


Mystery of Mortlake Mansion

Mystery of Mortlake Mansion is one of the best titles in casual games lately. This game is presented to us this Christmas season by Stella Games and Playrix. The game has a little bit of everything you would expect from the genre of hidden object/adventure games.


Phantasmat Collector's Edition

The name of the newly released game by Codeminion might scare away the players who are already sick and tired of the cursed houses and dilapidated buildings. Phantasmat starts with a car crash and as soon as you get to know that your heroine has stayed alive, you're advised to look for the help in an old hotel but under no circumstances stay there. By the way hardly anyone would stay in the the hotel called "Drowned Dead Hotel" in a real life. But has anyone ever followed such advices while playing? I bet that only those of you did so, who shut down the casual games after having played them for several minutes.


Tamara the 13th

The game consists of 7 chapters, so it will take you about 2 hours to wander all the locations. The next place to visit is the Air realm. Get prepared for a surprising twist in the story: the Cat that you've been already used to suddenly transforms into a man! Through the dialogue you'll get to know that he's been a McNamara familiar for 100 years, though the guy looks as if he is 30. But everything in the story is about magic and mystics, so it's not the time to be surprised by the appearance of the people.


Awakening: Moonfell Wood

Awakening: Moonfell Wood is one of the most gorgeous games that I played recently. You are taken into a fairy-tale world to help a just woken up princes find the answers to all of her questions regarding what had happened with all of the inhabitants.Starting the game you are to choose one of the two modes to play: Normal or Casual. Their names seemed a bit confusing for me because they sound the same, but they are not.


Christmas Wonderland

Have you ever heard an English Christmas carol that enumerates a series of increasingly grand gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas called "The Twelve Days of Christmas"? First published in England in 1780, it is still widely popular. For example, last year the iPhone 3G sang the song with modified lyrics in the TV commercials and this year in The Simpsons episode "The Fight Before Christmas", where a "Muppet"-like Simpson family with Katy Perry sang their version of the song, "39 days of Christmas Days".


Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets

Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets - is the hidden object game, that is packed with intrigue and mystery. When I was introduced to only a few details of the story in Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets, I immediately thought about Sleepy Hollow movie. If there are those who liked the movie among the players, they might find it as another attractive feature. In the game you arrive to the Salem village and get only a short description of the situation you are in.


Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull

When it goes about the 7th game of the series it is already clear that the game is waited eagerly for. And sometimes it happens so that the waiting becomes even sweeter than the playing. As it is really hard to exceed all expectations and surpass all the previous 6 games. But whatever has helped – the magical number 7 or the devilish number 13 in the name of the game – Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull hasn't disappointed.The story starts when the Lawson family inherits the house in the swamps of Louisiana. But right after they move to a new place, Marcus Lawson disappears.


Mystery Valley

If you look through all of the games which make up the hidden object genre, you will easily see that most of them have some kind of a mystery or a dark story behind the gameplay. That means lots of the same thing, but that's not bad. Though it is not that great when the game doesn't have that much of a story, that much of a challenge, that much of some uniqueness. Mystery Valley is another very polished release to please those who are ready to jump right into another great story.


Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera Collector's Edition

Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera Collector's Edition is one of the games you have to play! I can assure you won't be disappointed!As you could have already guessed, the game is based on "Phantom of the Opera" novel, written by Gaston Leroux and published in 1911. The events take place years after those described in the novel. Christine and Raoul are now enjoying their life together with their daughter Evelina.


Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Collector's Edition

Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Collector's Edition, a new game from Alawar Entertainment, is for those who like tickling their senses and emotions, especially one emotion in particular — fear! Your heart will beat faster when you enter dark rooms or when something invisible whispers in your ears... Don't you want to explore a deserted island and make unexpected discoveries? Twisted Lands: Shadow Town is a hidden object adventure game that will take you to a wide range of all