Game Review


Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast

Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast - this new game presented to the casual games society is based on an old and well-known love story. The game is just beautiful in it's every aspect. You will most probably enjoy both the look and the playing. The game offers what a decent hidden object/adventure game of today should. The title of the game gives it all away. You do know the story. The characters are familiar from the childhood. The story makes a few twists to the story to make it more enjoying.


Mystery Murders - Jack the Ripper

Mystery Murders - Jack the Ripper is another dark game in the adventure/hidden object games genre. The game uses one of the most frightening stories and fills it with many puzzles and hidden object levels. The game features great production value as long as you really don't mind the story. The story this game is based on is well known to everyone, so there isn't much new to tell. You are going to hear it from the point of view of a lady who has the ability of seeing some events in her dreams right when they actually happen or before that.


Sacra Terra: Angelic Night

Sacra Terra: Angelic Night - The story of this game is supposed to be so scarry and captivating, but it won't. Well at least partially and for those who've played a lot of games of this genre. It is one more game where you fight with the demonic to save yourself and the world too. The game where you begin by finding yourself in a rundown mental hospital. Soon you realize that you have no idea how you got the in the first place.


Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings

Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings is another release into the hidden object/adventure genre. The game would then fall into the category of the more light games of this genre, rather than the creepy ones with many horror scenes. Police and FBI were not very helpful, but a fortune teller provides a way for her to try and resque him. The story of the game begins with a mom and her son being delivered and strange package. When they unpack it it turns out to be a painting. They have no idea who sent it, but the son wants it to hang in his room. That same night he is being kidnapped by the very painting.


Hidden Expedition: The Uncharted Islands

This week began with a release of another Hidden Expedition game in the world of casual games. Hidden Expedition: The Uncharted Islands is a hidden object/adventure game you don't want to miss because it has everything it a more experience gamer would look for in a game of this genre. The story is a bit complicated with the world in another dimention, evil pirate, and all the trapped characters, but you have a guide to help you.


Paranormal Crime Investigations: Brotherhood of the Crescent Snake

Here is another game in the hidden object/adventure genre about some paranormal, supernatural activity. Paranormal Crime Investigations: Brotherhood of the Crescent Snake's story is bloody and creepy, and the game is challenging and beautiful. There is a lot to enjoy as long as you don't mind all the darknes of the story. You play as a detective that is very skillful in the area of paranormal cases. A number of murders have happened in a city and the police is stuck. So you are the one to deal with it.


The Missing: A Search and Rescue Mystery

If you haven't gone anywhere during the summer yet, you have a great opportunity to do a trip to an isolated island. But of course there is more than just the beaches and beautiful landscapes. You will also have to find the missing students and deal with an unknown creature...One other thing that you discover is that there was some human-like black cerature with an immense power, that broke through the cage and is now free on the island. The Missing: A Search and Rescue Mystery turned out to be a game that made a good first imression and proved it to be correct later.


Nightmare Realm

Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition turned out to be a really nice adventure game and one of my favorite. The feature that totally loved about the game is how the gameplay is interwined with the story that unfold right before you. The words might not render the idea.There is no story at the beginning of game. You are a part of the story. The characters are talking to you, do some actions right there as you play. A big part of the game is animated, that creates a totally different feeling.



Most of the time the games from the hidden object/adventure genre tend to be full of mysterious events and creepy scenes. Tearstone is like a harmless version of that. You do meet different characters, some of which are dangerous, and you are involved in some kind of mysticism, but it is not scarry at all.So you get to play a friend of a professor. Your best friend, professor Haise, is on the verge of an amazing discovery and he asks you to help. Step into a whole new world, that will change your life forever, and follow your destiny in Tearstone, a fun hidden object game!


Emma and the Inventor

If you expect some drama, horror or great mystery, Emma and the Inventor is not for you. The game's story does have some unclear and challenging turns, but nothing extremely disgusting and terrifying and sick. This is a place for a nice pieceful quest. First of all you will have to interact with many items as you explore locations. Having said that the quest is pieceful, I didn't mean that there are no problems to solve here. You play as Emma, a young girl, who set out to visit her grandpa only to find him missing. You only know that something happened with him as he was testing a new machine.