Game Review


Hidden Expedition: Devil's Triangle

If you miss playing something extraordinary with amazing graphics, thrilling gameplot and pleasant music, than you should for sure play Hidden Expedition: Devil's Triangle. As this game combines all these feautures and even more.


Farm Frenzy 3

Have you been missing another Farm Frenzy sequel? Here it is in an all-new installment, and it even doesn't need a special advertisement as it becomes extremely hard to find a game which would be more popular than Farm Frenzy series. Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age is the third delirious game under the name of "Farm Frenzy 3" to be released by Alawar in recent time, and it definitely provides you with much of what you'd expect from the series.


Azada: Ancient Magic

Azada: Ancient Magic is a sequel of a hidden object adventure hit. The news of Big Fish Games' developing this sequel will be a day brightener for many many fans of the previous game and the genre fans.


Million Dollar Quest

Million Dollar Quest is an intriguing puzzle game that will involve you into the unbelievable adventure. Together with Sandra you will travel to the distant corners of the world in the seek of happiness and wealth.


Simplz: Zoo

The name of this game can tell you much about the game itself. From it we can find out that the main goal will be to keep a zoo and the idea of the game is to make the game as more thrilling as possible, but at the same time to maintain the gameplay simplicity. And thus we get the unbelievable match three game Simplz: Zoo.


Rasputin's Curse

He was considered to be both an influential faith-healer and a religious charlatan. They say that he even had a great impact on the last royal family of Russia and particularly on Tzar Nicholas II. Different nations and cultures are still trying to uncover the mystery of this person. But who was he? How did he get the unbelievable magic forces? Maybe a new hidden object game Rasputin's Curse will help you to find out an answer to this question.


Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia

Heroes of Hellas 2 – is an addicting mix of match three and hidden object games. But the predominant part is match three. In here, you are to travel to the distant in time Olimpia and help Zeus in re-buiding it.



Imagine that you have opened your eyes and it happened that you are somewhere on a deserted island. Moreover, you do not remember your name as well as how you got there and where you should go. But the most important question is how you should get home! Panic... Disappointment... Desire to find out what has happened as soon as possible!


Natalie Brooks: Mystery at Hillcrest High

Natalie Brooks: Mystery at Hillcrest High, from Alawar Games, is the latest full-featured Natalie Brooks hidden object adventure game, which has you helping Natalie to foil the Black Cat Gang as they attempt to pull off the heist of the century. In fact, gameplay is much more adventure game styled than in previous games of the series. You spend so much time trying to solve inventory and item manipulation puzzles that it takes a suddenly appearing hidden object scene to remind you that yes, technically, this is a hidden object game.


Escape the Museum 2

It is always good for a sequel to have something more than just repeating the story of the previous release with only a few changes. Gogii Games did their job very good by giving us the follow up to the story and setting new challenges before the players in Escape the Museum 2.