Phantasmat: Reign of Shadows

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You hired a detective to find your wandering sister Valerie. The PI managed to discover that the girl went to Oregon to work for a mysterious Doctor Edward Corvine. You head to his estate and find yourself trapped by a severe blizzard. Soon you find out, that an unspeakable horror haunts resides in the manor, light is your only weapon to fight it. To make things worse, the snowfall damaged the wires, and the generators threaten to give in any minute. When the entire manor is enveloped by darkness, nothing will stop the monstrous creature from swallowing you and your sister. Tick-tock! The time is almost up...
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 CPU: 1.6 GHz RAM: 1024 MB DirectX: 9.0


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