Cinderella Classic Tale

This intriguing interactive book is based on an amazing fairy tale by the French author Charles Perrault. Unexpected storyline and awesome graphics will absolutely engross your attention!

Cinderella Classic Tale offers a new way of telling stories and will help your children to get acquainted with the unbelievable world of literature. The book grants not just reading, but also a great number of mini-games to develop creative thinking, attention and logic skills. Hundreds of animation elements literally enliven the well-liked characters: kind and beautiful Cinderella, fairy godmother, courageous prince and envious stepsisters. Illustrations bring unforgettable moments to your life. Plunge into the magic world and help Cinderella to make her dreams come true. This is a book that should be read to any child!

- Enjoy interactive storytelling with professional voice overs
- Choose between READ IT MYSELF and READ TO ME options
- Great learning practice for your kids
- Listen to pleasant music and original sound effects
- More than 400 animations and over 20 incredibly beautiful puzzles
- Kind and cheerful book characters
- The book perfectly fits for preschool activities