Run Rabbit Run

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Run Rabbit Run is a dangerously addicting and delightfully challenging game about a bunny angry for carrots. The bunny runs and jumps. And guess what? It also dies a lot. Will you manage to leap over increasingly perilous obstacles and keep your bunny in one piece? Skillful control of jumps, velocity and inertia will allow you to succeed.

ΓÇó Comic book style pictorial intro story
ΓÇó Classical platforming elements and fresh jumping mechanics
ΓÇó Quickfire nature of levels
ΓÇó Responsive, finely tuned gameplay
ΓÇó Stylized silhouetted characters and background
ΓÇó Well-balanced contrast-based art
ΓÇó Gorgeous soundtrack featuring live instrumentation and a variety of styles and moods
ΓÇó 2 tricky chapters and additional "secret" levels
ΓÇó Tons of challenge and a dose of silliness

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Android 4.0 and up


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