How to Get Best Score in the Arcade Mode

How to Get Best Score in the Arcade Mode How to Get Best Score in the Arcade Mode

Our top free Bubble Shooter game, Bubblez: Magic Bubble Quest, features three game modes. According to players' feedback gaining 3 stars in the Arcade mode may appear tricky. Why? Because clearing the board with minimum moves isn't actually the top-scoring strategy.

In the Arcade mode, the scoring system awards accuracy. Unless you miss, every successful shot increments your score: 10, 20, 30 for the popped bubbles, plus twice as much for all dropped bubbles. Thus, building up a combo multiplier brings more points than clearing the board in the fewest moves.


1) It makes sense to pop fewer bubbles at the beginning of the level to wipe out a particular color, and then blast lots of bubbles at one shot when they already bring you some 60-100 points each.

2) Try to drop bubbles of other colors, as they bring you double score comparing to those you target. Again, leverage the accuracy combo and drop more bubbles towards the end of the level to gain high score.

3) Avoid missing to build up your combo multiplier. The longer accuracy streak you have, the more points you score per bubble.

4) Clearing the board in minimum shots is not always the best strategy. The unused moves always bring you 500 points, while the progressive scoring system may bring way more points.
By Margarita