Mobile Eye-tracking Games Are Coming Soon

Mobile Eye-tracking Games Are Coming Soon Mobile Eye-tracking Games Are Coming Soon

Gaming develops along with technology. As soon as virtual and augmented reality were introduced, VR and WR games like Pokémon GO followed. A decade ago the creator of Flappy Bird aimed to create a game, which can be played with one thumb, and dawned the era of casual games. Now, as game developers are already working on eye-control, we wonder what is coming next for the industry.

Naturally, the first genres to implement eye-tracking were first-person shooters, RPG and action-adventure games. Your character walks where you look, interacts with the environment, and shoots where you look without the need to target with the mouse. But that's about console and PC games. Nowadays, that mobile devices being the major gaming platforms for all generations, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z, we should definitely expect eye-tracking games for Android and iOS to come out shortly. With Subway Surfers and Stumble Guys being the top-downloaded games of 2022, we believe platformer and runner games might be an option.

By the way, as consumer technology evolves, we see more and more examples that smart tech blends with entertainment. QuData, a research company in the sphere of artificial intelligence and machine learning is just the case. Applying its developments in eye-control in app navigation and UI design for people with special needs, the company is creating a prototype of a mobile game with head positioning and eye-tracking controls. While the developers haven't yet shed light on the genre or setting of the upcoming app, we hope it will go live soon.

by Alex