Transfer Your Progress from Sky Clash in Facebook

Transfer Your Progress from Sky Clash in Facebook Transfer Your Progress from Sky Clash in Facebook

Facebook is going to eventually shutdown the support for all Cloud Games. Our popular RTS Sky Clash: Lords of Clans is also closing on the platform on March 29, 2024. To save your game progress, be sure to get the game on Steam and/or a mobile device before the date.

▶️ Transfer your game progress to mobile

1. Download the mobile app from your preferred store: Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon or Samsung Galaxy Store.
2. Login to your Facebook account in the game settings. In the dialog offering you to switch to your old base de sure to select "Old base" to continue playing with your old game progress.
⚠️ Don't select "Current base", or your old game progress will be lost, and you will have to start anew.

▶️ Transfer your game progress to Steam
1. Launch Sky Clash on Steam, and complete the tutorial.
2. Simultaneously launch the old game on Facebook and the new game on Steam. (If you cannot access the old game on Facebook, launch the updated mobile version, as described above.)
3. Having two games running, go to the game settings in both games and click "Link a device". A window will appear in the game asking you to link a device.
4. First, in your old game, click "It's an OLD DEVICE". Copy the code which appears.
5. Then in your new game on Steam click "It's a NEW DEVICE", and enter the code in the field. Please, do this quickly before the code expires.

✅ If you need help transferring your game progress, please contact our tech support.