NYT closed digits. What to play instead?

NYT closed digits. What to play instead? NYT closed digits. What to play instead?

The New York Times is famous for its free online logic puzzles and brainteasers, and Digits is only one of them. This engaging Math puzzle challenges players to manipulate six numbers through addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division in order to reach a specific target value. An exact match garners three stars, with the possibility of earning one or two stars for approaching the goal closely.

Regrettably, NYT Games has made the decision to discontinue Digits that was introduced in beta during April. The webpage of the puzzle game informs about its forthcoming shut-down on August 8th. Apparently, despite its promising premise, Digits did not attain the necessary audience attention to evolve into a fully integrated offering within the NYT Games portfolio.

If you are a  fan of such brainteasers, let us recommend a few free Math games to play online. Digitz! and Numberz! are tile-matching games in which your objective is to repaint the board to color white while aligning digits in order to attain the required number. And last but not least is Resolved: A Math Game. In this brainteaser the objective is to restore the equations by matching number tiles on the board. All the above-mentioned logic puzzles are free HTML5 games to enjoy online on PC, tablets or smartphones.

by Anna