Jet Ducks: Free Shooting Game

Jet Ducks is a classic arcade-shooter mix inspired by Duck Hunt. There's never been a better time to play a brand new old fashioned shooter Jet Ducks on your iOS, because it is FREE now and with a greatly expanded weaponry it has become much more addictive.

The rules stay the same: your dog helps you to locate ducks and your task is to successfully shoot down the birds. But this time there are no mere ducks, you'll stand against well-equipped birds with high-speed jet packs, paintball machine guns what makes them not an easy mark. And they can fight you back.

If that isn't enough, Jet Ducks include a number of guns and supplement stuff. Every level gives you a free upgrade to try: radar upgrade, shotgun, rifle and machine gun M16.

- Blitz session mechanics
- Accelerometer controls
- Try 5 games with exciting upgrades
- Take advantages of new weapons
- Enjoy trendy cartoon graphics