Puss in Boots: Interactive Touch Book

Enjoy a beautiful story about an awkward miller's son inheritance - a cat. The most renowned tale in the world is now interactive! Cute characters live their own life while the story unfolds. Explore fascinating scenes, interact with lovely animals and animated surroundings. In-story activities include 3 different gaming mechanics, which help to develop visual memory, logic thinking and motor skills. Download the book and grant your kids an educative playground!

Once upon a time there lived a miller who had three sons. When the old man died, the sons shared his heritage. The oldest one kept the mill, the second took a donkey and the youngest son got nothing but a cat. What will I do with a cat? Are we going to catch mice together or something?" the younger son lamented. But, little did he know that he'll become Marquis of Carabas very soon. Join the fairy tale and take part in the incredible adventures of Puss in Boots.

- Memory games with dozens of levels
- Shape and shadow puzzles
- The well-liked labyrinth game
- 20 pages with 2 reading modes
- Atmospheric music and sounds