Absolutist launches ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters, a seek-and-find game for iPhone/iPad.

Following the success of its recent title Mysteriez, Absolutist launches ABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters, a seek-and-find game for iPhone/iPad.

The recipe of a remarkable game is good mechanics, visuals and concept plus special zest. Mysteriez: Hidden Numbers for iOS proved to be the right cocktail, and the sequel came pat. The concept of this fun game remains the same - find all the characters hidden on the pictures within 5 minutes. Though, naturally this time users are supposed to search for letters.

The renewed interface opens the doors of a museum with various expositions. By now 5 free levels levels and four thematic level packs are to your attention, but more of them are on a go. Look back into the previous century and try various hobbies to enrich your life. Each level pack has a separate leaderboard, thus your chances to head a global chart multiplies by four.

So, go on an ultimate seek-and-find journey through colourful pictures in this lively and fun Hidden Object game.

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About Absolutist Ltd.:

Absolutist has been established in 2000 and specializes in developing games for PC, Mac and iPhone/iPad, as well as Flash multiplayer online games and social games (for such social networking sites as Facebook, Vkontakte, etc.) The company has developed over 100 C++ titles to date and about 150 Flash titles. Absolutist operates a broad casual games network, the largest sites being Absolutist.com and Wellgames.com. The unique feature of all its brand titles is the game engine that allows to port the games to different platforms without any difficulties.


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