Absolutist company announces partnership with Conduit to bring its customers entertainment 24/7.

Summer, 2007 – Absolutist today announced its partnership with Conduit, the leading platform for building online communities via community toolbars, which will provide Absolutist customers with a new channel to connect and interact with each other and with the Absolutist website. The community toolbar solution provided by Conduit (www.Conduit.com ) will help build an online community among casual gamers all around the world and increase gamers’ engagement and loyalty.

Absolutist customers who download the free, Conduit-powered community toolbar from the Absolutist website or other sources will receive the best of the website’s content and functionality right from the browser, including:

  • first notification about latest game releases
  • special offers for free games
  • access to online multiplayer games
  • list of bestselling games
  • special discounts
  • community chat with other gamers
  • personal customization
  • cool components like gadgets and online radio

"Our community toolbar has become valuable as it raises our users' activity levels and keeps them engaged with our site," said Tatyana Garat, marketing director at Absolutist. "The Conduit community toolbar exceeded our revenue expectations right away. We are now looking forward to expanding the reach of our toolbar with even more games and features in the very near future."

"Conduit and the casual gaming community are perfect for each other," said Ronen Shilo, founder and chief executive officer of Conduit. "For publishers, we offer a constant connection with active users, which in turn offers greater revenue possibilities. For gamers, this translates into a more exciting and user-friendly gaming experience. The astonishing growth we've seen in this space is sure to continue as gamers keep seeking new ways to connect with their favorite communities."

About Absolutist
Absolutist Ltd. is a game developer and publisher with a staff of 50+ and headquarters in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Each programmer has at least five years of experience specializing in C++ programming, Flash, Shockwave, JavaScript and more. Absolutist provides clients with unmatched experience in on-demand game and applications development, cross-platform porting, localization as well as expertise in reducing costs, improving service and maximizing revenue.

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