All Rats Are Going Crazy About the Olympics

November 10, 2004

Rats&Spears - multiplatform and already extraordinary popular freeware game released by

November 10, 2004 - launched a new game series - Rat Olympics on Windows PC, Palm, PocketPC, Mac, Linux, and Symbian (Series 60) platforms.

The first game of the Olympics is Rats&Spears. The concept of this free game is simple but yet addictive. The main features include but are not limited to:

  • Vivid cartoon graphics
  • Javelin throwing gameplay
  • Hot battle in online tournament
  • Arcade character of amusing sport simulator
The task of the player is not just to select a rat character and guide it from the keyboard, but also to train it in order to achieve higher and higher results in javelin throwing. Online tournament adds even more arcade character and challenges to the game. The player is quickly becoming addicted to the game and that is the key to success in the tournament. At the same time the game helps to relax and take a break from a daily routine in the office or on the go.

It is a new type of downloadable games. While Rats&Spears was meant to be distributed as a freeware, thousands of people are now donating for the purpose of development of new rat Olympic sports. Many people are now eager to become sponsors of Rat Olympics! Though, now the advertising space on the Ratadium is limited, the advertisers are welcome to apply for the next round of ads rotation.

No animals were harmed during the development of this game. Any resemblance to real persons, living or passed away, or entities is purely coincidental.

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