Astrology report: gems fun in outer space released cosmic downloadable puzzle Gem Slider Deluxe.

January 25, 2006 - Absolutist introduced fantastic Gem Slider Deluxe for Windows.

Gem Slider Deluxe is a great Sokoban-type game with superb design. When playing Gem Slider Deluxe you have a real feeling of the traveling through the Universe. This sequel of popular Gem Slider series features beautiful cosmic graphics and additional absorbing game modes:

  • challenging Sky Quest
  • fast-paced Arcade
  • relaxing Classic

The goal of the game is to remove all the gems from the board. Match three or more gems together and they disappear. It's a real gems fun in the open space! Additionally in Sky Quest mode you'll discover and learn about the most known constellations. Cassiopeia, Aquarius, Capriconus and others are waiting to tell you their secrets.

One can choose the next destination on a map - there are multiple choices of the cool and challenging layouts. Space scenes are just breath-taking. Also there is the possibility to publish your best results and take part in the top players contest on the Web.

New gems. New modes. Gem Slider Deluxe is very beautiful and capturing. This is a really great relaxing game for everyone.

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