Absolutist team presents 3 click-and-pop puzzle games

Click-and-Pop fun

Absolutist introduced new beautiful puzzle games - Cupidometry, Hawaiian Drops, Pop-a-Pearl

February, 14 2007 - Absolutist team presents 3 click-and-pop puzzle games

Meet three new games, released by Absolutist for Windows platform. Cupidometry is a puzzle game developed for Absolutist.com. Hawaiian Drops and Pop-a-Pearl are the games developed by Absolutist for the partnering websites. These games are really relaxing, easy to learn, but difficult to master. The task is to pop as more hearts (Cupidometry), drops (Hawaiian Drops) or pearls (Pop-a-Pearl) as it is possible. Their game play is easy but addictive. Stunning graphics, perfect music and sounds - this is what you need to spend your free time.

Cupidometry is especially great game for those, who are in love. Romantic atmosphere and relaxing game play will make happy both you and your family.

Hawaiian Drops: the playfield is represented by randomly-shaped grids on a tropical background. Colored tiles of a grid contain drops of different sizes (at the first levels tiles are of the identical color, but as one proceeds through levels, tiles with drops of different colors are added to the grid, making the task more difficult).

Pop-a-Pearl is a puzzle game that takes you to the world of beauty. Enjoy flowers and shining pearls. Your task is easy - just pop the pearls. Click on them and they will burst. The victory is one click away!

Cupidometry, Hawaiian Drops and Pop-a-pearl are the perfect pastime for the whole family - children, parents and grand parents.

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