Elf treasure quest starts in casual gaming

Absolutist released a long-awaited Elythril - a new evolution of puzzle games

November 03, 2005 - Absolutist today introduced to the visitors of its site a September announced release of a completely new game produced and developed in-house. It is expected that Elythril: The Elf Treasure will be a new experience for matching games fans.

The elf treasure quest starts with a map showing which Elfian people you are going to visit. As you proceed solving the puzzles posed by different Elvian people, you will see your progress after each set of levels on the map. The game features:

  • Uniqueness of each level
  • 15 game sets with different backgrounds and atmosphere
  • 80 game levels
  • The world first remix of famous Lines game with new look and feel
  • Automatic adjustment of the difficulty of puzzles for each player done by the game itself
  • David John's magic music track

Graphics and layout will make your time passing by quickly…You won't notice the hours of playing!

Reviewers are welcome. Let us hear about you! More about the game and game movie:

Elythril: The Elf Treasure

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