iBubble Shooter - over 1 000 000 downloads! Check for iPad version now!

iBubble Shooter - over 1 000 000 downloads...
Check for iPad version now!

Not so long ago Absolutist team launched iBubble Shooter, finally sending Bubble Shooter (the most popular bubble game on the Web!) on a mission to iPhone. And in less than three months a milestone of millionth download was successfully passed! iBubble Shooter has found its fans all over the world: the game conquered France, USA, Germany, Austria, Italy, UK, Russia, Netherlands, India - and even some African countries!

As iBubble Shooter was gradually approaching a new milestone (of 1.5 million downloads), its creators worked hard on another pleasant surprise. We're glad to announce that Bubble Shooter is finally released on iPad as well!

The game is already available at App Store as iBubble Shooter HD Lite that means it's absolutely free to download and play! The main game features are the following:

  • two game modes:
    1. Collector – gain the best score!
    2. Sniper – clear the play field with the least amount of shots!
  • 4 difficulty levels: easy, beginner, expert and master
  • customizable game field colors and bubbles skins

Due to iPad screen resolution, targeting became easier and more precise. The game also supports 'Rotation Lock' feature of Apple iPad: that means you can play it in any position you find comfortable!

Expect full version (with the ability to save the game progress) to follow very soon. Meanwhile, join our iBubble Shooter Fun Club and be ready to pop funny sparkling bubbles banishing the dullness and boredom once and for all!

Note for all the proud iPhone owners: if you're still not convinced about getting an iPad for yourself, try out iBubble Shooter Lite and enjoy happy hours of bubble shooting fun!

Click here to learn more about iBubble Shooter and iBubble Shooter HD!

Click here to download iBubble Shooter HD for free!

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