Mario's Balls - an old funny game improved at

March 27, 2001

Find a New Hobby and Get Addicted at Once

Mario's Balls - an old funny game improved at

A new game based upon the famous puzzle game Lines gives you:

  • new shape of a board and board cells
  • some changes in rules to make it even more interesting
  • different skill levels to puzzle and to chill out
Please help a little Mario clean off the board. Your balls move in three directions, which gives you more motion power and variants of movement. You can also arrange balls into different patterns except for lines. The more resourceful your imagination is, the larger number of points you will obtain. You also take part in the World contest for the best players. You may get the Special edition made exclusively for you.Your game runs on Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. If you have any questions or need some technical help you are always welcome to get free technical support by e-mail.

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