Absolutist announced the release of puzzle game Click Art


Unusual puzzle game by Absolutist is out

February 28, 2007 - Absolutist announced the release of puzzle game Click Art

Click Art is an unusual puzzle, because of original game concept. In this game you can create beautiful art pictures yourself. No art skills are required to play this game. The rules are quite easy. You should use your mouse to play: click on flashing pieces of the picture you like and try to make it unique. The game can be played in Relaxed and Timed modes. Click Art suits people of all ages.

As far as a game genre is concerned, Click-Art is a fractal game. The playfield is divided into cells each flashing with different patterns one at a time. The point is to choose a pattern and click on each cell when it is flashing with this very pattern. So, at the end of level all the cells should make up a solid picture.

It is to say the game has an exclusive feature - Click Art screensaver. The more levels you pass the more pictures from the game are added to your screensaver.

Enjoy pleasant music, addictive gameplay, splendid graphical effects and special Click Art screensaver!

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