Structural changes in Absolutist


Absolutist Ltd's Managing Board unveiled new CEO and switch of managerial positions inside the company

February 01, 2007 - Absolutist Ltd announced the appointment of Alla Khramtsova, former Director of Sales & Marketing, as Chief Executive Officer of the company. Vitaliy Khit, 37, who was managing the company through transition period when company doubled in size, appointed CTO and Managing Director of a new business unit of the company which produces casual online multiplayer games.

"This structure, under Alla's leadership, will be more focused on adding even more quality to our game development services, on creating original innovative games for self-publishing and on further promoting the range of web-portals the company has, which now attract more than 1.5 mln people monthly. I was always more focused on technical and creative side of gaming industry with casual multiplayer online games being my latest passion, and I feel this change of position is a great step ahead in shaping a strong managerial team of a big development company which Absolutist is nowadays," said Vitaliy Khit, CTO and Managing Director of Multiplayer Games Business of Absolutist.

About Absolutist
Absolutist Ltd. is a game developer and publisher with a staff of close to 60 and headquarters in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Each programmer has at least five years of experience specializing in C++ programming, Flash, Shockwave, JavaScript and more. Absolutist provides clients with unmatched experience in on-demand game and applications development, cross-platform porting, localization as well as expertise in reducing costs, improving service and maximizing revenue.

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