Three new incarnations of Smiling Bubbles

March 24, 2004

Now you can play this amazing game not only on your desktop or laptop PC, but also on Palm and PocketPC handhelds!

All this becomes possible due to new versatile multiplatform engine with graphical, sound and physical enhancements, as well as multilingual support. Now users have choice between several European languages; besides, hieroglyphic languages support will also be available soon.

How much time and money do you spent on keeping your family cheery and pleased? How long do you choose present for your friend or relative? Do you often rack your brain over some new ways of amusing your Granny? What do you do when you feel lonely? Let us see what we can do: Surely, everyone has his own ways of fighting with life troubles and they are of a much interest. Here is one more method of cheering you up and amusing everybody around you - playing Smiling Bubbles.

Treating them is rather simple and you need no special practice to keep them alive and cheerful. You just set them on the desktop - this is the place where they feel most comfortable and then they won't need any care - except for our attention. Feeding them with several minutes of your attention a day will be more than enough for them. But not for you - this is the most frequent march of events. You risk getting addicted as soon as you start playing. Bubbles with funny faces that chat, jump and laugh - can you fancy more touching sight? They are sure to be the best friends of kids, delight for aged people and the best way for you to cheer up and relax. This is a game that won't demand advanced hardware, so it is available for any modest user. The rules are simple and no special skill is required - so you just start and enjoy good mood and relaxation.

There are various characters between them - like in a real life. Some of them may turn out to be your friends and helpers and some will annoy you. Never mind, just fancy that these are your boss or neighbor or your teacher at school - and fight them bravely!As any pet, they may have different conditions. This is for your to choose whether you set them free and let them jump and wonder to and fro each minute or you just calm them down and make them wait for you if you are in reflexive mood. In other words, game modes included into the game help you choose any tempo you feel like.

It is not a secret that all of us are fond of surprises no matter the age. Lots of bonuses, either useful or harmful, will help you or carry off your victory just form under your nose. It is for you to neutralize or to face them all.

And, at last, the most pleasant thing about them is that you may leave them any minute and come back when you wish it. They won't ask you to feed them at midnight or take a little walk when it is raining cats and dogs and lots of advantages you may invent yourself! I won't cheat you saying it is free, but here the situation is the same as with a real pet - you pay only once and they are yours forever:)

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