Volley Balley for multiple platforms is released by Absolutist

June 1, 2004

Enjoy our summer arcade game VolleyBalley anywhere!

Volley Balley for multiple platforms is released by Absolutist

Beach volleyball is always pleasant. Shining sun, warm sand, emerald sea. Enjoy our new summer arcade game VolleyBalley. Smooth 3D animation, realistic physics and striking dynamism - these are the main features of this game. Several levels of difficulty, the possibility to play with your PC or with a real rival will not let you get bored waiting for the vacation!

Now this funny game is even more easy and pleasant to play, as today Volley Balley was released for multiple platforms.

All this becomes possible due to new versatile multiplatform engine with graphical, sound and physical enhancements, as well as multilingual support. Now users have choice between several European languages; besides, hieroglyphic languages support will also be available soon.

You may enjoy all the pleasures of summer all the year round

Do you enjoy playing ball somewhere at the seaside in hot summer afternoon? Do you want to do it any moment you wish? Travel agencies offer you the place to go. We suggest you more: warm summer sand, a snow-white ball and a friend who likes sport as you do. And all this you may have with Volley Ball at Absolutist.com! Look at what you may have:

  • one and two player mode
  • various skill levels
  • wonderful landscape
  • sunshine and a lot of fun

The rules are familiar to everyone and you are only to choose your partner and find the most suitable skill level. Then you just jump, hit the ball and enjoy the game. If you haven't enough time and force to visit a gym today, if it is raining or snowing, if you want some sport late at night or in the early morning - it is for you, just try!

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