Amber Heart: Secrets of Cannaregio free online game review

You wake up to find yourself in the town of Cannaregio, the place of exile for those they call the cursed blood. Accused of using magic to resurrect your shot fiancée, you can't remember a thing but are determined to escape your prison whatever the cost. Search for the secrets in beautiful hidden object levels and reunite with your one the only in a free online game on Facebook.

Amber Heart: Secrets of Cannaregio | Main screenAs in the real-life Venice Cannaregio is a district rich with historical sites, the game settings also send you back to the Renaissance with eye-catching artwork and beautiful soundtrack. The main screen displays the central square of the town where many important buildings are located, such as the Palace, the Headquarters of the Cursed Blood, and a local shop. The Headquarters is where your hidden object adventure actually begins.

Guided by your new friend Nicolette, you will learn the gameplay basics and a few magic signs to cope with finding items. While the first few hidden object scenes are easy to complete, it's always good to have a hint at your disposal. And though you only need to draw them once, this mini-game adds charm to player experience and shows the creators' attention to detail.

What's more important, the steps under the broken fountain lead you down to the dungeons. The mysterious maze of caves is rumored to connect Cannaregio with any place in this world, and is full of dark secrets and immense treasures.

Amber Heart: Secrets of Cannaregio | Quest

Only people born with magic can survive there, that’s why they are forced to collect precious ambers. As your gain experience, you will dare to descend deeper led by the hope to finally escape the town. But whatever is awaiting for you there, the adventure promises to be unforgettable.

In the world where magic powers are despised, you have to survive in a closed community, where even your kin can't be trusted. Cannaregio features a vivid cast of characters which you meet as you progress. In order to address some of them and pick new quests, XP level might not be enough. Collect puzzle pieces and make a jigsaw to unlock new locations and new HOS in particular. Not only you explore the town, but also uncover its dark secrets. Your diary lets you keep track of all story twists.

Amazing setting and the compelling story are enriched with bonus mini-games and little findings which keep you absolutely absurd in the game. For instance you may take part in a win-win lottery and get hints and useful items. Also, you may occasionally stumble upon a magic chest, which will only open next day. And believe upon my word, you will be willing to check in next day not only to obtain its contents, but to finally find out who is waiting for you in the dungeons deep.

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