Angry Birds 2 - Casual games reviews.

angry_birds_2The most popular mobile game in history has finally come out with a sequel!

Return to the bird-launching, swine-crushing fun of the original, only in the new and improved Angry Birds 2.

Get up and personal with these evil green pigs with the new closeup shots of their sad little faces as a bird comes flying in to smash them.

Destroy their homes, families, and lives using your favorite trick birds.

But, there's a twist… you get to choose your own birds to put in the slingshot.

Choose wisely, though, or you might end up with some scrambled eggs. There is also a new Destruct-O-Meter that you can fill up to earn extra birds.

angry_birds_2The possible outcomes are much more numerous now with some of these added features.

The game has always had this little quirky feel to it, but now there are even more crazy plants and decorations to make it all the more exciting.

You can even use spells, including Blizzards, Hot Chilis, and Golden Ducks.

For those familiar with the previous episodes, it will be good news to know that the Mighty Eagle has made a return, and he is wanting some sardines!

There is even an international arena where you can test yourself against others around the world to see who the best bird-slinger of them all is!

angry_birds_2The game is free to download and play, but for the serious Angry Birder, there are some available in-game purchases you can make to improve gameplay experience.

When you play the first time, you have to make a download, so that you can play offline. From there, you may need to log online every so often for updates.

Awesome sequel! Check it out for yourself with the free download today!

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