Play Azada: Ancient Magic!

Azada: Ancient Magic is a sequel of a hidden object adventure hit. The news of Big Fish Games' developing this sequel will be a day brightener for many many fans of the previous game and the genre fans.

This time you are going to deal with books too. But in this game, you'll go through a number of classic literature works and meet well-known characters.

Having helped Titus in the first release, you are now asked for additional help.

There is an enchantment over the books in Great Uncle Argus's library that brings mess to the actions of the characters of the books. So that's your task - to solve this problem.

You choose any book from the shelf to go through. They are 21 in total. One of the greatest things about them is that you can leave one of them unfinished and start the other one you want.

Every book contains some mini-games. Once you are done with a book, you can go back to it and play mini-games any time you want to.

The inovative part of the sequel is that you don't go through the book page after page, but rather book after book. The puzzles now are spread over several pages of the book.

Azada__Ancient_MagicThose who played the first game remember that page after page you complete the whole book. But here, the situation is different.

You play book after book here, which means that the puzzle may include several pages now.

This addС‹ more challenge to the game. Sometimes the item you find on one page must be used somewhere on the other page. Or you may need to make the characters move in order to get access to an item.

Another thing to be mentioned is that special music was created for every book to render the unique atmosphere of each book.

All in all the game is so very great and proves to be a hit.