Azada: In Libro - are you ready to save three worlds contained inside of a magical book?

Azada: In Libro. This series has been first introduced long ago. It has witnessed some of the changes in the genre and adopted some of them as well.

Azada: In Libro Collector's Edition continues the tradition of the series being a nicely polished puzzle adventure game.

This time around, you are told by a notary that you inherited property from some relatives in Prague.

Now you have to go there to actually receive it, but the notary disappears leaving you on your own to get into the house.

Who do you think you meet next? Yes, Titus is there to tell you that Azada is in danger again.

Here is where your journey begins. The story is told in a very beautiful way.

The graphics are all accurately drawn with many details, and the dialogues are all voiced over.

The game is full of all kinds of puzzles (as always). They are not extremely challenging, though you can get rid of hints if ou choose the Hard mode.

That mode is the third among the three modes of difficulty available in the game. Plus you can change them along the way.

Then, of course, you will walk around a lot collecting items and using them elsewhere.

The game will not take a whole lot of time for the more experienced gamers, but it should be about three hours for average gamers.

The game is great for everyone who is thinking about playing it, whether they are new to the game series or they haven't missed any of the previous games.

The three modes of play guarantee a gaming great experience.

Everything, games, puzzles, the occasional hidden object elements, are wrapped up in the gorgeous graphics.

It will change in tone as you move further and further into the fantasy world of Azada.

Which can be enjoyed by a wide variety of skill levels, and the beauty and wonder of Azada itself is definitely worth the visit. For anyone who enjoys adventuring, though, Azada: In Libro is definitely a must have game.

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