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Dark Dimensions: Shadow PirouettThe Dark Dimensions series is one of the cool names in the hidden object puzzle adventure genre. There is quite a few of them so far. So, if you haven't head of them, you probably need to check them out. Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette Collector's Edition is the latest release to the series.

In Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette Collector's Edition, you are going to travel to a new city to help out your friend Ashley.

You know her from college and she feels that someone is after her, but she the law enforcement does not believe her.

Dark Dimensions: Shadow PirouettWhen you come to that city, the situation is even worse. The whole city is terrorized by mysterious shadows that possess the leaving.

One thing you notice right away is that your friend Ashley seems to be their primary target. There is not much time to protect yourself, your friend, and the city.

The game's graphics are pretty good with a lot of blue and purple. The music adds to the creepiness and the voice overs are in sync with the lips.

Since you are fighting the shadows of a strange origin, you are gonna have to use the well known principle - light casts out darkness. So, you are using a lantern to fight the shadows.

There is an in-game strategy guide that you can use as well as the journal that keeps track of all the information that you gather in the game.

dark_dimensions_shadow_pirouetteThe hidden object scenes come in all different kinds. Quite a lot of searches to do.

Then there are mini games that you play every once in a while (even to get the lantern itself). The puzzles vary in their difficulty level, but they are mostly easy.

You do get a bonus game after all is said and done and you can work on you collectibles and achievements as you play. There doesn't seem to be too many extras compared to the typical CE content.

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Download Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette for Windows

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