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dark_manor_a_hidden_object_mysteDark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery is a place you go on Halloween or any other day if you a fan of dark horror stories.

The game is full of ghostly characters and spooky rooms and places.

The story of this game is not very clear at first.

You find yourself in this old strange manor with some very creepy characters.

You do get to collect things and build things and earn more gold and try to decorate your buildings to keep it going.

dark_manor_a_hidden_object_mysteThis game is good for those who are not really interested in who, what, and why.

There clearly is a lack of story behind all the actions.

The graphics are fine enough. Sometimes they do look overly cartoonish, and the voice overs would be much appeciated here. But there isn't any.

The gameplay is more of a streight forward hidden object game with a management element.

Some of the items are really hard to find, but there's a zoom option to be able to look closer.

Then there are mini-games and other activities, that does not look exactly like a typical hidden object puzzle adventure game.

dark_manor_a_hidden_object_mysteYou can set your manor up any way that you like, go visit your neighbors and get tips from their manors.

Dark Manor is challenging, exciting, you will get very involved in it and eventhough you can purchase Gold to buy stuff with, you can get some pretty amazing stuff just by playing and getting gifts.

It seems to be more of a mix of that and a Facebook kind of game. So it will probably be more apealing to the fans of that kind of games.

Check out Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery and see if it's to your liking or not. If it is, invite your friends to join!

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